Tower Theater Friends Center

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Rent the Tower Theater this summer at great lower rates (from June to September)

1-3 hour rental was $75 , now just $50!!

3-6 hour half-day rental was $125, now just $75!!

Full day rental was $250, now just $125

Great for all kinds of activities: Host a Movie party,  Birthday party, Wedding reception, Family or Class reunion,  Dance, Video game party, and many other options!

Projector Use:  Due to the fact that the projector is an expensive piece of equipment and the time in which it is used reduces the lamp's overall lifespan, there is an extra charge to use the projector.  Xbox 360 available for use with projector rental.  3 or fewer hours = $15-25, 6 or fewer hours = $30-50,  more than 6 hours = ask for details.

Help with equipment: The lighting, sound, computer and projector equipment can be run for a fee depending on hours needed.  A tutorial will be given at the time of rental or before, but if more is needed the renter will need to come to an agreement with the trained operator to provide help during the rental.  


What's included in the rental?

-the rental includes the usage of the building, stage and stage curtain, stage and dance lighting, kitchen, bathrooms, and sound system to play music, and use of microphones or instrument jacks.

What do I need to do to sign up?

-check to see if your desired date and time are available, print and complete the rental agreement form (it can be emailed to you), and submit deposits (one is a cleaning deposit that will be returned if the building is left in good condition, and the other is half the rental cost).

Can I decorate?  The outside too?

-see the rental agreement.  Decorations are ok, but are limited some to preserve the interior paint, please discuss your plans and get approval from a member of the Tower Theater management committee.  NO DECORATIONS ARE ALLOWED ON NOR CAN THERE BE ANYTHING OR ANYONE TOUCHING THE SCREEN WALL.

Can I use the kitchen/popcorn machine?

-yes if you provide your own supplies or purchase them from the Tower, and if you clean everything when done.

Can I have custom message on the screen?

Yes!  You can have a custom message setup or provide your own.

To check available dates, ask questions, or get a copy of the rental agreement email towertheaterfriendscenter AT



This week's FREE movies at the Tower Theater!!!

Thursday, 4pm Zootopia, 6pm Hail Caesar (PG-13)

Friday, 4pm Zootopia, 6pm The Finest Hours (PG-13)

PelĂ­culas gratuitos de esta semana en el Tower Theater !!!

Jueves, 16:00 Zootopia, 18:00 Hail Caesar (PG-13)

Viernes, 16:00 Zootopia, 18:00 Horas Las Finest (PG-13)